MCPV is advancing its multi-gigawatt cell and module manufacturing scale-up implementation, to meet the fast growing demand of the European solar PV markets.


We address surging global PV demand, regional energy security and boost clean tech job creation.

Made in Europe Photovoltaics

MCPV is advancing its multi-gigawatt cell and module manufacturing scale-up implementation, to meet the fast growing demand of the European solar PV markets.

We are pleased to contribute to “Made in EU Photovoltaics,” a collaborative documentary project focused on the growth and innovation of the European solar PV industry.

Global Solar Growth

To meet our climate targets the world will need to reach an installed solar PV capacity of 50TW by 2040. From today's total annual global solar PV deployment volume of about 400 GW/yr, we will need to reach more than one TW/yr deployment well before the end of the decade, and soon thereafter at least 3 TW/yr.

HjT Technology

Silicon heterojunction technology (HjT) stands at the cutting edge of solar cell innovation, seamlessly combining the unique attributes of both crystalline silicon (c-Si) and amorphous silicon (a-Si) in an ideal cell design. This advanced integration harnesses the inherent strengths of silicon materials to significantly boost efficiency and overall performance.

A distinct feature of HjT is its exceptional ability to achieve high energy conversion efficiencies, all while utilising manufacturing processes that can be optimised for sustainability and low carbon footprint. As the demand for effective and carbon neutral energy solutions continues to rise, alongside the EU’s commitment to energy resilience, HjT emerges as a compelling choice for solar cell and module production. It not only meets the stringent performance requirements of today’s market but also aligns with the growing EU and global requirements for sustainable practices and resource efficiency.

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MCPV is Building
a collaborative approach to scale up an integrated EU solar supply chain in close cooperation with strategic partners.
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MCPV is Building
advanced HJT solar cell and module manufacturing facilities, leveraging Industry 4.0 and 5.0 EU solutions
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MCPV is Building
15 GWp solar cell and module production capacity across Europe with first phase production ramping in 2026
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We're at the start of the global solar technology growth curve

Total global PV installed capacity exceeded 1TW in 2022. In order to meet climate targets PV deployment capacity will need to reach 1TW per year by 2030.

MCPV is developing advanced manufacturing capacity of HJT cells and modules

A strong commitment to innovation, advanced manufacturing, and collaboration with leading institutes positions MCPV to produce reliable, high-performance solar cells and modules.

In the initial growth phase, a 400MW manufacturing pilot line will be installed by 2026, followed by a ramp up to 4GW production line ready by 2028, creating over 600 new high-quality jobs. This light house project will then be replicated with the aim to reach 15GW of Made-in-Europe high efficiency PV production capacity by the early 2030’s.


Started as a spin-off from Resilient Group


Launch of Solar NL consortium. Start  development 4GW silicon Heterojunction solar cell manufacturing plant in The Netherlands. State Aid finance approved by the Dutch National Growth Fund and the Province of Groningen


Start of production of PV solar cells in the Netherlands (Solar NL) and PV modules in Spain


15 GW HJT cell and module manufacturing network in Europe

Next Level Solar Manufacturing

We leverage the state of the art in technology development, but believe that it takes more. How? We set the goal to deliver multi GW scale HjT manufacturing capacity, designed for sustainable competitiveness, ease of replicability and scale up, deploying the most advanced technologies and industrial production methods to deliver the most competitive LCOE.

Digital Twins / AI enabled manufacturing

Collaborative robotics / A pathway to net zero sustainability

based on Trusted AI in advanced manufacturing

Supply Chain Data Spaces / Human centric trusted AI

In line with the European Solar Charter’s objectives, MCPV emphasises the importance of sustainability in all facets of our operations. We are dedicated to the recyclability and sustainable production of solar cells and modules, ensuring that our products not only meet the highest standards of efficiency but also adhere to principles of environmental commitments.

Our Products

Sustainable. Powerful. Reliable.

Solar Cells

Advanced technology for sustainable energy production

In 2026, MCPV will Introduce Heterojunction Technology (HjT) solar cells, employing cutting-edge Heterojunction Technology (HjT) on the last generation of large-size thin n-type wafers. These solar cells will have efficiency of up to 26% in mass production.

Sustainable production in the Netherlands
MCPV solar cells will be produced at the innovative cell manufacturing plant in Europe, located in the Netherlands. We are committed to using sustainable production processes, leading to an extremely low CO₂ footprint.

Unparalleled performance
MCPV solar cells will offer the full bifaciality, significantly improving energy output when light enters the backside of the cell. Additionally, they will feature the very low temperature coefficient, ensuring high energy yield at high temperatures. These are some of the key cell characteristics that combine to enable you to deliver a very competitive Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) at the module level.

Tailored Solutions for our customers needs
At MCPV, we understand that every customer has unique requirements. We adapt to your specific needs.

Solar Modules

Designed and produced in Europe solar HjT modules
MCPV solar modules will be designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Spain with full supply chain traceability. Solar Cells will be produced in our Gigawatt manufacturing plant in the Netherlands, delivering 100% European-made large-size modules to European solar projects.

Experience the future of solar power with MCPV solar modules – advanced design and manufacturing in Europe with full supply chain traceability.

MCPV advanced modules will feature:

– Proprietary solar cells from our facility in the Netherlands
– Modules made in Europe for European projects
– Extremely robust glass/glass design for advanced reliability
– Harnessing the power of European engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Module Efficiency


Temperature Coefficient


Power Warranty

30 years

Maximum bifaciality


Ready to experience the next level future of solar energy? Get in touch with us to discuss our products and technology based on traceable, and technologically advanced solar cells and modules.

Energy yield: HjT vs. TOPCon

+1.3% at std. bifacial conditions

+4.4% at 30 years of operation

+1.5% at 55ºC temperature

lowest LCOE

MCPV Ecosystem

MCPV aims to be an accelerator for innovation in the European solar manufacturing landscape, combining continuous technology improvements with strategic industry partnerships and embracing customer collaboration in product design and downstream solutions. As a co-signatory of the European Solar Charter, MCPV actively supports the Charter’s vision to build a resilient, sustainable, and competitive EU photovoltaic sector. We strive to enable the EU’s “Fit-for-55” decarbonization targets, implement the EU’s Industrial Strategy and support the Clean Hydrogen and Solar Strategies.

We are committed to working strategically with Solar NL and our European industry partners across the value chain to jointly accelerate and build a strong foundation for a sustainably competitive EU PV manufacturing industry.

Integrated supply chain Data Spaces

Member of

European networks and associations accelerating solar PV development in the EU by scaling yo to 30GW of annual solar PV manufacturing capacity.


Expert Global Team with deep technology, manufacturing, and operational experience across the PV value chain.


Established in 2019 by a team of experts in the solar industry, entrepreneurs and digitalisation in energy, MCPV is scaling up solar manufacturing in the European Union. We are dedicated to delivering competitively priced, high-performance solar cells and modules tailored for optimal field performance in collaboration with our strategic partners.


Marc Rechter



Natalie Samovich


Prof. Eicke R. Weber



Benjamin Strahm


developing Europe's next
developing Europe's next generation of sustainable PV manufacturing plants.
implementing an integrated
implementing an integrated supply chain
in full alignment with
in full alignment with the REPowerEU objectives, combining industrial, economic, climate and energy security goals within its core strategy.
working in support
working in support of accelerated environmental and social impact through development of advanced solar cells and modules manufacturing in the EU.
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The time for action is now, and we are ready to advance collaborative efforts with customers, suppliers, research and innovation community, to lead to innovative, recyclable, and sustainably produced solar products that drive the industry forward.

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