Next Level Solar

Green recovery plans call for answers as to how we are going to achieve the goals set in the EU Green Deal.

How we can increase efficiency of the resources we have, and allocate scarce resources where greater impact can be achieved.

Our answer is in economically sustainable Connected Manufacturing in EU. Global trends point to facts that a combination of incentives, innovation and investments helped to mature the solar and wind industries.

We believe we have arrived at the cusp of scaling up in new generation solar technologies.

Connected Manufacturing leverages a nodal value chain approach. Manufacturing rooted in Industry 4.0 and beyond, optimised by digital twins and innovative supply chain approaches is our way forward.

Join us to the NEXT LEVEL where we will reduce the environmental impact of each ecosystem node and each solar module.


Ecosystem approach and connected value chains

Our Contributions and Participations

we disrupt the supply chains to deliver the most competitive HJT modules to address regional pipelines demand.

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