Connecting EU solar value chains


Next Level Solar

MCPV is implementing its state of the art, next generation heterojunction solar PV manufacturing strategy, to address surging global PV demand, as well as regional energy security and clean tech job creation.


MCPV is actively working to implement a multi GW cell and module manufacturing strategy in support of creating energy independence in Europe and securing the pipeline requirements of the European IPPs.

MCPV is happy to participate in Made in EU Photovoltaics, a collaborative documentary project dedicated to the European solar PV industry development. This film has been written and directed by Louis JOURDAN HUBER produced by GreenSquare.


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Working on
Collaborative approach to the scale up of an integrated EU solar supply chain in close cooperation with strategic partners.
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Working on
Implementation of advanced HJT solar cells and modules manufacturing facilities enabled by Industry 4.0 and 5.0 EU solutions.
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Working on
Development and implementation of a 15 GWp of solar cell and module production capacity across Europe by 2028.
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Working on
Set SDG benchmark for sustainable PV manufacturing.
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Working on
Low carbon footprint advanced manufacturing facilities that are set to produce eco label PV modules based on circular economy principles.
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Working on
Re-industrialisation of Europe’s solar manufacturing sector.
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We build connected value chains to deliver advanced manufacturing capacity at GW scale to produce HJT cells and modules.

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