Who Is Working On Making It a Reality

Expert Global Team with deep technology, manufacturing, and operational experience across the PV value chain.

"The global solar sector is seeing strong and sustained demand growth driven by the need to achieve the 2030 and 2050 net zero carbon targets. This is an enormous opportunity that will allow solar PV manufacturing within the EU to guarantee resilient supply chains and energy security. Next generation PV in the form of HJT allows the MCPV team to build a sustainably competitive manufacturing foundation to competitively serve the European and global markets over the next decades."
Marc Rechter
"Dynamic innovation built on the possibilities of Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 and even upcoming 5.0 holds promise to the next level solar manufacturing MCPV. "
Natalie Samovich
"MCPV is well-positioned today as a leading player in forcefully re-starting PV production in Europe, based on latest-generation HJT solar cells.

This will not only provide a domestic value chain for Europe’s increasing renewable energy demand and export into energy-hungry countries, but as well to feed into the rapidly growing market for sector coupling, including Green Hydrogen.

Huge amounts of Green Hydrogen will be needed for the decarbonization of Europe's steel and concrete industries. PV power generated in Southern Europe will be the lowest-cost electricity available on this continent."
Prof. Eicke R. Weber
"Research time is over, next generation PV is ready for profitable production in Europe."
Benjamin Strahm ​
Suman Raha
“ It's now or never. The EU PV industry needs to work closely together to ensure a timely scale-up.”
Suman Raha
Pranav Mehta
“ PV is rapidly moving from GW to TW and spread in 40 countries and more are joining worldwide. Great potential for new PV Technologies with high efficiencies breaking the barriers like HJT with 26 percent cell efficiency. I am happy to note that MCPV has taken up the challenge and rapidly moving with its plans for 15 GW HJT Cell Manufacturing Plant in Germany.”
Pranav Mehta
(International Advisor)
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Founded in 2019 by a team of leading solar industry experts and business entrepreneurs, MCPV is bringing solar manufacturing in the European Union to the next level and provide competitively priced, high-performance solar modules customised for optimal field performance.

We leverage the state of the art in technology development, but believe that it takes more to reach the


How? Deliver a GW HjT manufacturing capacity, designed for sustainable competitiveness and ease of replicability and scale up, deploying the most advanced technologies and industrial production methods to deliver the most competitive LCOE.





This is a subset of the SDGs MCPV project will impact

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